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iLABS started with the challenge to solve two main problems for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies: energy autonomy and dimensions. About iLABSWith several years of experience in WSN development by its team, iLABS finalized its technology stack based on HYBRID WSN-HEAP concept. iLABS is privately owned and will continue to strengthen its technology (both hardware and software) to offer leading-edge products for energy autonomous WSN.


VISION: Small things can create big changes

WSN is a great enabling technology that can significantly change the way we live – just like Internet – perhaps more than that. Integration of sensor networks with the World Wide Web, through IP support, will connect the physical world to Internet with the finest granularity. WSN supported by energy sustainable and tiny sensors nodes can be employed to collect information from environments, equipments, buildings, … allowing us to interact with our surroundings, in a smarter and safer way.


MISSION: Fail-safe systems and devices enabling green technology for real world applications

Provide fail-safe solutions of embedded systems and device modules for WSN applications, bringing green technology and latest innovation to the market. Focusing on this mission, we offer our technology adapted to customer's needs, to carry out final products with added values for real world applications.


VALUES: People who makes the difference

Make our customers satisfied with our solutions for successful final products; contribute to WSN market expansion; build a growing company with a sustainable future; consider suppliers & customers as our partners towards a unique goal, with mutual respect for each other, with accountability, trust and a dedicated group of multidisciplinary engineers at their service.


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Tel. +39 0831 996516  –  Fax +39 0831 187144  –  E-mail: info@ilabs.one   

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