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Business Models CMC LABSiLABS business models focuses on the customers’ application needs to enable final products with added values. As tracing a route, we works closely with our customers to configure and improve the efficiency of the development and production value chain, aiming to higher margins and profits for all participants. To achieve a competitive advantage - for ourselves and our customers - we offer a product provider model and a service provider model, both usable for WSN application based systems or PCB device module products.


Product provider model

According to this model we supply our customers with:

  • Application specific, valued product using our technology differentiators
  • Fully qualification
  • Product cost-effective driver
  • Lifecycle visibility and maintenance.
Business Model Product CMC LABS

Service provider model

According to this model we supply our customers with:

  • Valued service for design, manufacture and measure of specified product
  • Measurement campaign of physical events using customized system products
  • Qualification support
  • NRE (Non-Recursive Engineering) cost driver
Business Model Service

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