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iLABS technology focus on embedded systems and PCB modules for WSN application basing on our customers’ needs and bringing unique key differentiators to achieve final products with real added value. There are four basic components in a wireless sensor network:


  1. an assembly of distributed or localized sensors

  2. an interconnecting network (wireless-based)

  3. a central point of information clustering

  4. a computing resources at the central point to handle data correlation, event trending, status querying, and data mining.Technology CMC LABS

iLABS offers hardware and software technology focusing on points 2) and 3), providing the maximum flexibility and openness for topics 1) and 4), in order to easily adapt wireless sensor network platform to customer application needs. Our wireless sensing systems can be used for both small scale applications (requiring few sensor nodes) and large scale applications (requiring an high number of sensor nodes), allowing  expansion or reduction of the network without disrupting operations or data collection. Each node is deployed inside or very close to the sensed physical phenomenon and can manage information coming from different transducer. Main characteristics of systems and PCB modules are:

  • IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
  • ISM worldwide band
  • Low power networking protocols
  • Ambient energy harvesting capability
  • Data rate up to 250kb/s
  • Range up to 1km
  • Robust to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference
  • Wireless link reliability
  • High level of integration
  • Ultra low power PCB modules

Application Gate CMC LABS

Application Helicopter CMC LABS

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