Green WSN technology for real world applications


iLABS designs, develops and produces innovative solutions of system and devices for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).

Our  technology core brings wireless and green solutions to sensor networks to be used in a wide range of applications, leading the benefit of increased lifetime (up to perpetual operation) and installation readiness, while drastically reducing the need of human intervention.

System products provides customizable WSN platform based on:

  • Sensor node enabling energy harvesting from ambient energy and multisensor data acquisition;
  • Power efficient and standard compliant communication protocol;
  • Highly configurable gateway for data aggregation.

Device products offer highly integrated PCB modules for harvesting, sensing interface and wireless communication units.

Relying on our modular technology core and on the experiences from working with the industry, we cooperate with the customers to adapt our system products to application needs.

iLABS concur for the green WSN market expansion applying new concepts and ideas to leading-edge developments for products and services in order to satisfy the customers.

We believe that green WSN technologies will be the heart of the Industrial Internet (or Internet Of Things) promises, opening new frontiers to enhance productivity, reduce inefficiency and waste increasing overall value of the human work experience.

iLABS is privately held with headquarters in Carovigno (BR), Italy. 

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